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Care services for people across Northumberland who value their independence and wish to stay at home

Tynedale Care - caring for you
How do I start?
You can contact us through your GP who may refer you to social services; or you can refer yourself to social services who will advise you on your options; you can also come to us directly as a private customer.
Tynedale Care - caring for you


Ordering, collecting and administering medication can be arranged or just a reminder to make sure they take it.
We work closely with the persons GP and pharmacy to ensure a safe and efficient service.

Meal preparation - help with dietary needs and special requirements

Help can be given to prepare, cook and serve the meals you choose, care

Many people can continue to maintain their independence and increase their quality of life with just a little help and support.

Tynedale Care have a range of services specifically to help people stay in their own homes and help achieve that independence, bringing peace of mind to them, their friends and family.

Personal care

Typically working with the elderly or young adults with physical or mental disability, our service is tailored to your personal needs. We offer all levels of support from low level assistance to Palliative and End of Life Care, we will assist you with anything from a 30 minute visit to 24 hours a day care.
workers will work with you to provide food and drink that will provide a balanced and enjoyable diet that supports your health, wishes and cultural requirements.

Sleepovers and waking night care

We can provide care workers to assist with your needs through out the night if necessary. In waking night care we provide a care worker who will be awake all night to work and be with you or frequently check on your comfort and safety.
Sleepovers are where you provide a bed for the care worker, for them to sleep during the night but will attend to you when you call.
Both services will give you peace of mind that there is going to be someone there for you.